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Price Advisor

Bring science to the art of price setting

  • Price Advisor 001

    Pricing across large product portfolios
    can be challenging

  • Price Advisor 002

    Price Advisor analyzes what shapes
    your pricing strategy including
    customer, competitor, channel, cost,
    and capacity dynamics

  • Price Advisor 003

    It uses a proprietary methodology to
    price thousands of products

  • Price Advisor 004

    ...delivering the transparency and
    workflow to provide confidence and
    alignment around your pricing
    decisions and...

  • Price Advisor 005

    ...increasing your profits
    by 2-5% of sales


Improve RoS by 2-5% points annually
Price Advisor is an integrated price-setting and price management solution that uses a highly segmented adaptive pricing approach and value-based pricing rules to give companies a holistic perspective on pricing.

Price Advisor offers strong analysis capabilities that include the ability to model micro-segments of products, channels, and geographies. It combines a complete pricing database with advanced price-setting methodologies and price recommendations. The software provides dynamic and live price-checking using advanced algorithms and best-in-class online price intelligence services when used together with Market Vision.

What Price Advisor delivers:

  • Develops segment and SKU-specific price recommendations
  • Systematically sets and manages periodic price changes for all your products
  • Helps you understand historical pricing performance
  • Streamlines pricing management and productivity
  • Automates workflow managements and non-critical tasks
  • Tracks pricing compliance and performance
  • Provides dynamic pricing for eCommerce


Learn more


Visit the Periscope® Case Study page to learn how Periscope® Price Advisor helped set granular pricing for 10,000 SKUs in 3 weeks. 

Read how we can work together to establish dynamic e-commerce pricing capabilities for your company. 

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