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Deal Advisor

Achieve excellence through effective deal management

  • Deal Advisor

    Equip your sales organization for
    best-in-class deal management


Improve RoS by up to 7%
Deal Advisor is a contract and quote execution solution leveraging McKinsey’s expertise on pricing

Deal Advisor enables sales teams in B2B, B2C, and financial institutions to structure more profitable deals to strengthen competitive positioning and mitigate potential operational and technical risks.

What Deal Advisor delivers for B2B and B2C companies:

  • Provides a platform for the creation of custom quotation solutions
  • Offers standard CPQ (Configure Price Quote) features and the possibility to integrate into CRM systems to fully embed in existing workflows
  • Allows benchmarking against deal history, identifying drivers of “explainable” price variability, peer groups, and scoring for any proposed deal
  • Enables sales teams to structure deals incorporating history, deal economics, and other dynamics e.g., inventory, competitive context
  • Anchors sales reps with a view of “what good pricing looks like” based on comparable peer deals done
  • Integrates deal quality into the approval process and tool
  • Simulates margin impact

What Deal Advisor delivers for banks and financial institutions:

  • Orients relationship managers (RM) during negotiations with technical floors and reference benchmarks
  • Provides advanced simulation capabilities to help RMs evaluate trade-offs and maximize overall value creation
  • Automates the pricing review process with smart guardrails to ensure value creation in every decision and short lead times where possible
  • Stores past deals to enable systematic follow-up on customer promises and continuous improvement
  • Tracks performance over time and provides smart incentive plans to reward best-practice application
  • Enables central pricing teams to quickly and effectively update pricing guidelines and seamlessly push them to the front line