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Performance Vision

Harness big data to drive sustainable performance improvement

  • Vision B2B Slide 1

    High-performing sales teams need
    to maximize the value of every

  • Vision B2B Slide 2

    Performance Vision makes complex
    pricing data accessible...

  • Vision B2B Slide 3 you can easily analyze margins,
    drill down, get recommendations
    and define actions...

  • Vision B2B Slide 4

    ...and use custom dashboards to track
    actions, performance, and KPIs...

  • Vision B2B Slide 5 improve return on sales by
    2-7% annually

2-7% sustainable gain
in RoS
Realize 25%+ in sales
analysis productivity
Performance Vision is a big data solution that merges internal and external data and gives companies the transparency to develop optimized, high-level pricing strategies.

Performance Vision supports consumer goods, manufacturing companies, financial institutions and airlines in decision making, price setting, and defining customer-specific actions. Easy-to-use analytics allow users to visualize their pricing performance, right down to the level of individual customers and products, and provide insight and guidance on improving commercial processes. Periscope® Solutions help companies rise above the sea of data to bring clarity, precision, and excellence to their day-to-day commercial decisions.

What Performance Vision delivers for B2B and B2C companies:

  • Brings clarity to B2B and B2C commercial decisions, enabling users to easily navigate through their data, understand drivers of over- or under-performance, and take action on individual transactions
  • Enables efficient and effective decisions, leveraging a complete toolkit from easy-to-use scenario-building tools to highly customized quotation tools
  • Identifies improvement actions using scripted analytics, share them with the sales force, manages them and measure their impact
  • Builds lasting capabilities, enabling fact-based performance management and fostering a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement
  • Fully integrates into company's CRM so sales team can access the insights and actions directly from the platform they're used to


Performance Vision has allowed identifying opportunities equivalent to 40x project investment. Do you want to know more?

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What Performance Vision delivers for banks and financial institutions:

  • Reveals hidden losses tied to undisciplined discounting in retail banking, creating opportunities to optimize these markdowns
  • Generates fast and significant profitability improvements across the branch network
  • Enables relationship managers to acquire greater transparency on customer profitability
  • Helps you manage discounts quickly and efficiently to pilot new commercial approaches
  • Enables you to apply rapid insights generated through a prepackaged performance management toolkit


Performance Vision for Banking has been co-developed by McKinsey's Center of Excellence for Pricing in Banking and McKinsey Solutions.

What Performance Vision delivers for airlines companies:

  • Aggregates data from different sources to provide a single source of truth allowing analysts and managers to reduce time spent on number-crunching and pursue revenue opportunities
  • Simplifies root-cause analysis and identification of missed pockets of opportunities while boosting collaboration across the organization through shared access to consistent information for visualization and analysis
  • Delivers guided analysis through KPI's leveraging structured route playbooks to assess whether segmentation and pricing strategy is delivering as planned
  • Defines clusters and price strategy by route: clusters flights for a specific route based on performance (fill rate, eco vs. business class mix) and assesses the impact of cluster definition on expected route economics applying a pre-defined pricing strategy to each cluster, leveraging a ‘library’ of strategies