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Personalization Advisor

Drive topline growth through personalized customer engagement

  • Deal Advisor

    10-30% revenue uplift with
    personalized customer recommendations

  • Deal Advisor

    Powering relevant, individualized content in real-time
    and on a global scale through our alliance with Dynamic Yield

Personalization Advisor provides clients with an end-to-end personalization and digital service offering to help build deeper relationship with their customers.

While the number of options available to consumers is climbing and competition is constantly rising, it is getting more and more crucial to engage the consumer at the right time.

Leveraging our Personalization Advisor offering, companies can rapidly form a single view of individual profile, customize their scoring model to identify next best action, deploy multichannel feedback and determine optimal buying occasions. With a customer-centric approach, Personalization Advisor helps companies move away from season-based marketing activities to personalized engagements triggered by individual behaviors and shopping patterns. The solution also provides a unique offering with cross-channel personalization recommendations. All these, supported by a distinctive technical capabilities which enable easy connection and integration with client’s already existing processes and systems.


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What Personalized Advisor delivers to organizations:

Customer data management:

Centralizes enterprise data into a single place covering all sales & marketing channels for the entire customer spectrum

Customer lifecycle management:

Aggregates customers’ preferences, brand interactions and habits

Omnichannel targeting:

Creates omnichannel campaigns, optimized according to data-backed info about best practices

Personalization automation:

Equips marketing teams with the tools and capabilities to execute data-driven 1:1 marketing campaigns across channels

Advanced Analytics:

Leverages machine learning and statistical algorithms to build robust segmentation, recommendation engine, and predictive models


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Personalization is the latest buzzword, but what does it truly mean and how can retailers actually deliver what their individual consumer wants?

Brian Elliott, Managing Partner at Periscope By McKinsey, covers how retailers are successfully using the data and analytics at their fingertips to transform their merchandising and marketing – streamlining their internal systems, phasing out waste and boosting their customer experience.