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15-30% marketing spend reduction
Marketing Navigator provides full transparency over marketing performance. It enables marketing executives to make better decisions on brand positioning and marketing investment allocation, which leads to increased marketing ROI.

Marketing Navigator integrates marketing data and insights from multiple sources such as big data analytics, consumer surveys, and management expertise into a single, powerful web-based solution. With simple design and visualizations, it simulates and optimizes marketing-spend allocation across brands, geographies, marketing instruments, and campaigns to help shape brand positioning and consumer messaging.

It supports B2C companies in making the right decisions and optimizing the ROI of their marketing investment.

Marketing Navigator breaks down the marketing process into four areas with corresponding modules:

Value NavigatorPortfolio allocation

Weighs marketing investments and the overall strategy as it provides fact-based recommendations on how to allocate investments across geographies, brands, and products.

Brand NavigatorBrand positioning and messaging

Identifies key consumer purchase drivers. Tracks brand performance as well as brand perceptions against competitors to enable tailored brand positioning and optimal messaging by target group. Brand Navigator insights are based on custom market research data.

Mix NavigatorCommunication channel allocation

Recommends the optimal blend of communication channels (direct, online, ATL/traditional) by quantifying the impact of the marketing activities on a granular MROI basis and adapting the overall budget size to the optimum level.

Campaign NavigatorCampaign planning

Helps to optimally plan campaign spend week-by-week, based on ongoing simulation and optimization of campaign performance.


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How can companies understand the true impact of their marketing activities? How can they overcoming the challange of analyzing fragmented data and break away from their historical reliance on external parties who lack true business insights?Leveraging Marketing Navigator, companies can achieve 15-30% marketing spend reduction and reinvest it to deliver 2-5% topline growth.