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Market Vision

Real-time advanced market intelligence

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    Retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and
    hospitality businesses need a firm
    grasp of competitive pricing dynamics
    to optimize their strategies and stay
    ahead of their competitors

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    Periscope Market Vision delivers
    detailed insights into product
    offerings across competitive online
    channels globally

  • Market-vision003

    ...Including insights on prices, product
    attributes and product reviews...

  • Market-vision004

    ....Based on simulation of the consumer
    journey while shopping online, plus
    sophisticated product matching and
    mapping capabilities...

  • Market-vision005

    ....To improve margins up to 1.5%


Improve margins by 1.5% annually
Market Vision is a web data extraction and analysis solution that provides companies with the 24/7 advanced competitive intelligence and real-time market analyses they need to make better-informed pricing and product decisions. 

Market Vision enables pricing, revenue, product, and marketing managers to access, monitor, and analyze information on an unlimited number of products, consumer reviews, and price points across multiple websites – quickly, accurately, and reliably.

What Market Vision delivers for B2C and Retail Companies:

Online Price Intelligence

  • Monitors real-time information on thousands of products and price points across multiple channels
  • Provides detailed insights on price dynamics in specific categories
  • Identifies which product prices are most often changed by online competitors
  • Evaluates competitiveness on brand and category levels by channel

Online -price

Online Shopper Insights

  • Maps the consumer journey on comparable products across multiple websites
  • Analyzes who the competing players are and which competitors build brand clusters
  • Identifies key consumer buying factors
  • Provides detailed insights into what product features need to be improved

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Innovation Watch and Assortment Innovation

  • Tracks product innovations and market trends
  • Provides in-depth insights into competitor product assortments and innovations
  • Identifies new entrants and trends
  • Delivers an aggregated and detailed view of competitors’ price positioning
  • Highlights assortment gaps

Learn more

Watch the Market Vision video to learn how Periscope Market Vision provides a clear view on competitors’ strategies.

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