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Assortment planning is essential to ensure you satisfy your customers' expectations, differentiate your brand, and achieve your financial goals.

Realizing these outcomes has never been as challenging, or as risky, as competitiveness increases and consumers become ever savvier. In a data-driven society, access to information and the ability to act on it in a timely manner creates competitive advantage. The emergence of product intelligence, an aspect of big data and analytics, is another assortment planning game changer.


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In this webinar, Greg Girard, Program Director, Merchandise Strategies at IDC examines key trends and key recommendations you should take on board:

  • how you can leverage product intelligence in assortment planning
  • how you can use the 5C approach to plan customer-centric assortments
  • how best to harness advanced analytics to optimize your assortments

He is joined by Channie Mize, Periscope Retail Sector General Manager, who shares proven methods and the lessons learned for transforming a retail assortment using innovative solution approach which combines smart real-time intelligence with capability building.