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CMO decisions made simple

Enable and support strategic and tactical CMO decisions regarding media spend and marketing

  • Marketing

    Marketing Solutions help CMOs
    maximize the impact of
    their marketing spend

Successful CMOs leverage advanced analytics to simplify and accelerate complex decision-making processes.

Marketing is changing. CMOs in various sectors are facing more and more challenges every day - from being smart about overall marketing spend allocation to managing increased customer expectations to successfully drive conversions. Marketing Solutions comprehensively cover the broad spectrum of tactical and strategic decisions that CMOs are responsible for and help them drive significant topline growth and marketing budget savings.

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Solutions for Marketing Optimization

  • Marketing Navigator

    Provides full transparency on marketing performance and enables companies to make better decisions on brand positioning and marketing-investment allocation

  • Personalized Marketing

    Drive revenue growth by maximizing customer lifetime value through personalization

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Find out how Periscope helps companies overcome typical marketing challenges and grow revenues

How do you squeeze the most value from each marketing dollar? Watch this short video which demonstrates how Periscope Marketing Solutions help clients from diverse industries make sense of their transactional data to enable them to make better informed decisions, such as optimal media mix and spend. Explore how Periscope facilitates the analysis of brand performance and gives clients expert guidance on personalization.